Tuesday, July 8, 2008


This is one of the quickest sketches I did, and one of the better watercolors I have done in a while. Not saying it is good, but it was done with a minimal of strokes and pigment. I tend to overwork things as it is, and watercolors are meant to be fluid and expressive, a thing that is difficult to achieve!

It was done while I was on a park bench in Belfast, Maine, too sick with cramps to go walking with my friends. So I plopped myself down, saw the mist rising off the waters and evaporating off the landscape, and I did a non-thinking painting while trying not to be green with pain.

Watercolors are NOT my medium, but they are easy to carry, and I do enjoy them. I have sold a few ink/watercolor sketches, and turn most of them into mixed media cards. This one however, I may plop into a frame, and at the very least it will grace some small wall space, and I will forever remember the warm, moist morning on the water in Belfast.


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