Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Few New Art Gifts

I bought myself a few gifts recently. I know, I have made so little money, but I did sell one of my books which paid for half of my new book, a comprehensive book on the artist Odd Nerdrum. His work is surreal and sometimes downright bizarre, and he paints in the classical manner. I have much to look at and learn from.

I got it online with my membership PLUS a 15% coupon and free shipping from Barnes and Noble for a bit over 50.00, a far cry from the 85.00 at the Metropolitan Museum when I saw it there. Only one problem, no packing in the box, and it got a bit dinged up. I think I will return it after I get back from vacation and ask them for a new copy, NOT DINGED UP. Sheesh, what poor packing.

I also bought a great griddle at Macy's for my encaustic paints. Reg. 35.00, it was on sale for 19.99. Super cool.

Am off to check out the hot plate. R and F wants A LOT for their set up which I cannot afford at this moment. So hopefully this will work just fine.

Oh, and that is Shiva, my 1/2 Siamese cat, and the very expensive Moroccan table I bought up at Olana last summer...the table that I obsessed about. OK, price is all relative, but when most of your life your have bought furniture at yard sales, this seemed ostentatious! BUT I LOVE LOVE LOVE it.


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