Monday, September 3, 2007

2,000+ and only 1 for me

I spent the last few days cleaning up two of my internet mailboxes. My administrator (friend) who hosts my site told me my quota had been reached. I was a bit confused. My website was supposed to forward emails to me at my email addy. I just thought that all these months I was not getting any email. Well, in one manner, I wasn't.

Some glitch, th emails did not forward, and now I was looking at 2,000 emails to sort through.

At first it was exciting. Then it was annoying. Out of all of those emails, only one was actually personal and for me. The rest were trying to sell me drugs, make me rich, improve my sex life, or enhance a part of my body, one of which I don't even have.

One stinkin email-- and that one was asking me to volunteer for the local arts society.

Perhaps I need to rethink my website. In fact I know I do. That will happen when someone adds a day to the week. Then I will get it done. I need three of me. Then maybe everything will someday get done.

Till then I am still doing 65 in a 30. Patti

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