Saturday, September 1, 2007

Plein Air Difficulties

The first sketch I did yesterday at Olana with my watercolor crayons and pencils. That sketching trip cost me big time in regards to my allergies. I have been quite sick all day as a result of my encounter with SOMETHING. I fizzled out about two and could not make any of the gallery openings nor the block party in my neighborhood today. I can barely breathe!!

I did take an hour and planted myself in my lounge chair with my drawing and painting travel kit. I made another discovery, that in the hot sun water color crayons (ie: Caran D'Arche more specifically) get melty and messy. Hmmm...

I enjoy the plein air experience, it is a very different process and experience than when I work in the studio. Today I allowed myself to just draw and experience my medium in a much freer way. I often get wrapped up trying to attain "perfection" within myself and my work, and often miss the process in order to get the product.

So, I drew without care as to how the drawings came out and posted two of them. I did not try to make them in any style; I let the subject, medium, and moment take me whereever it wanted to. There was a freedom in this child's play approach to my session.....and it felt good.


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