Sunday, September 16, 2007

Back in the Studio

So the card saga continues. I sent my client all the cards that I had, and she has used them all already, and needs another batch. She is a wonderful client...who is an animation rep for the motion picture industry. She always pays me more than her bill..which is smart, because then I owe HER and make sure I get her more cards in a timely manner.

I went to visit the store that carries my cards. It is a lovely shop, carrying handmade items from artists in the Hudson Valley. Called BECKON, it is located on the waterfront in downtown Kingston. She has not sold many of my cards in the last few months, and said though people often look through them, few buy them. They are not the typcial collaged cards seen in other places, and perhaps some are just a bit too out there for the general public, though I always try and make some that are "safe". She did not seem to want me to take them back, so I will leave them and see what happens. I am still torn about doing them....but I won't give up quite yet.

She wants some of my collage pieces, so eventually I will bring down some mixed media pieces and paintings for her to look at. I am trying to have enough of a variety for her to decide if she wants landscapes or narrative mixed media pieces.

I worked on my plein air painting from the other day. Most of was already laid in, but it just needs fine touches and corrections to give the landscape more impact. If I get it done this week I will feel like I have gotten much accomplished considering everything else that I have to do. A painting a week would be ideal, but not practical for me.

Les, I don't know how you do it. Teaching, kids, and you still paint.

Off to finish a few other things....patti

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