Tuesday, September 18, 2007

So the Universe Says.....

So you're doubting your artwork Patti eh? Did you forget that you are loved by the universe and it will not let your talents go unnoticed?

That sounds like one of the emails I might get from "A Note From the Universe" a daily meditation on the abundance and love of the universe/God as we know him/her.

I read them every day and it has become my thought of the day while sipping on my morning coffee.

I have sold more cards, and got an order on Etsy not for ephemera, but for my zine and my cards. It felt great.

So, I am not giving it up yet. I will focus on the positive and on selling my cards to those who are drawn to their irony, spirituality, zaniness, and pure love of creation.

And it is all good.

Two sweet cards made with 1800's illustrations.

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