Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Funny How the Universe Works

It has been a rough few weeks for me. Starting school, loosing time with my art, having my daughter and my granddaughter leave for a new life.

I feel like my life has derailed for a bit and I must take the road less traveled.

I have questioned my art, and what I do.

What is my art purpose? What is my path?

Today I debated about no longer making my one-of-a-kind cards, then my buyer, who loves my work, emailed in another order.

Perhaps I will only design for her. She loves what I do, and because she is a fabulous client, I will keep making cards which go to many in the animation and film industry. I pour into them my love, and send them like little butterflies out into the world.

I am entering a new phase.....and will keep you posted as to my travels.

As I told my students...we are constantly reinventing ourselves..and I am off to a new life...


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Nicole said...

i really relate to this sense of re-inventing--i think it touches the edges of everything i've been doing lately--new dreams, new styles, new adventures. i hope that whichever path this exploration takes you on will be filled with joy.