Sunday, September 9, 2007

Another Great Freebie

Still not able to get into the studio. Too much going on. My art today was doing research on teaching how to draw a self portrait for class.

BUT I did find another spot that is lovely in the Hudson Valley, for free, and that is Hasbrouck Park which is not far from Kingston's downtown "Strand" area.

It has manicured rolling hills, which by the way, make for fabulous sleigh riding in the winter, and a veiw of the Hudson. You can rent the park for a day, and it comes equipped with a large pavillion, a grill, picnic tables, and sports fields!

Larry has lost one of his nights teaching at Marist again. I guess enrollment in traditional photography is declining, and so is our income. So, I may be seeking and writing about a lot of freebies around here, and thankfully I come from a life where I have had to make many sacrifices. So far the bills keep getting paid (thought I can't seeem to get rid of that credit card debt!)and if I need to, I will get another job.

I do have thursday off, and I hope that I can get some work done in the studio!

Photos is of the view of the Hudson from Olana at sunset. It is one of my favorite views.

Till tomrorow, Patti

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