Saturday, September 8, 2007

Where the Art's At

I can't believe it has been DAYS since I posted to this blog. With school starting, it is very hard to get into the studio. I have lesson plans to write, students to figure out, and it has been NUTS.

Somehow I have to figure in time for my art, and that is always a challenge. I found myself going through many of the photographs I took this summer, printing out the ones I love, and I realized I documented my trips with some fine photographs which will be inspiration in the winter for some of the paintings I planned.

My brain now has to function in two capacities; as artist and as art teacher. They both blend into one another, and being a working artist certainly melds into my job as a high school art teacher. I am given lots of leeway with what I do, and I love the challenge of coming up with new ideas which are inspired by my own constant work and research. I do my best to live in a constant artistic state of mind, and bring what I learn and am inspired by into my classroom. I think the kids enjoy it, even when they are not-quite-so-sure about their art teacher!

Off to bed. I have spent way too long working on things for school. Tomorrow is my daughter's going away party, and I am so burnt out from the wedding that it all "is what it is".

Till the next time, xxxpatti

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