Sunday, September 30, 2007

Early Autumn Day

Life has been so busy. The week in fact was pretty rough on an emotional and physical level.

But it is Sunday morning, I sit quietly in bed and reflect on life and on all the beauty that is in my life and try and hold onto that thought while the world rocks in craziness around me.

At near 50 I am seeing that there is no time like now. That a clean house is the sign of a person who is not an artist (no way will I ever be a neat person..)and it is OK.

I should stay home today and clean, work on painting the inside of my cabinets in the kitchen, tidy up the weeds in the garden. I have to pick my parsley and basil and make some pesto as the frost is just waiting to knock them down.

I should be in the studio cleaning and working, but I think I will search for a place to paint plein air again - unless one of my boat friends calls me up and asks.."do you want to go out?...". No brainer there.

There is the Garlic Festival, the Italian Festival, and I am sure more, but somehow I suspect that I will end up on some mountaintop with my paints, and take in the beauty of the world that I live in as in another month it will be too cold to do this.

I am grateful to the universe for such beautiful weather. It has been splendid.

Woodstock, NY after a misty rain. I was on my way to a lecture at the Center for Photography in Woodstock. A quick shot through the trees from a place on a private lane. I think that was the place that Kate spotted Brad Pitt hanging out for a moment, gazing at the falls.

More later on my rambles in the mountains with paints, Patti

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