Thursday, September 13, 2007


I had today off for the holiday, and it was a splendid one. I shipped some paper to South Korea, and cards off to my client, and when my painter friend Rob asked what I was doing, I said, "we are going painting".

Off to the farmlands not far from my house. After obtaining permission from the landowner, we drove the van into the field and set up shop. I will post some photos of us painting soon, and the picture of the work when it is completed.

HELPFUL HINT FROM FRIEND ROB. The wind was kicking up now and again and Rob told me that I needed to anchor my travel easel. I could see how easily it might blow down, especially if there is a large canvas on it. It acts like a

Out of his car he pulled a bungee cord, and attached my paint bag which is fairly heavy, and hung it beneath the tripod of the easel. Problem solved and I never had a problem. I have worked plein air before, but usually I work small, and don't need an easel set up. I also need to find a small folding table as one really needs it for the paints, medium, rags and such.

I am tired, a bit sunburned, but it was so uplifting to be out there in nature on such a day that any depression I had from Megan and her family leaving cleared away as fast as the clouds that were blocking the sun.

Try it, you will like it! Patti

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