Friday, August 31, 2007

Hudson River School Photos

My friend Karen and I went up to Olana to tour the house, buy a table (pics and story on my other blog), eat, and make art. Again I was graced with beautiful light, warmth, and a Friday afternoon with a beautiful sunset, and very few people around. We were at our mansion.

I will post the sketches I did tomorrow, but here are a few pictures from the sunset in Tivoli. (these are untouched) I pulled off the road onto a farmers dirt driveway to get these shots. They are dark due to their compression and size, but you get the atmosphere and the drama, typical of mid to late 1800's landscape painting.

I am not looking forward to going back to teaching. I have enjoyed the freedom of my days, the warm sun, and the time I have spent in my house and with my friends. I will just have to stretch out the summer as long as I can after school....before the days grow short and cold and I go into hiding.


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