Monday, August 27, 2007

The Ashokan

I tried to put up a video that I made of the view of the reservoir where I walked today. The file was too big and I don't know what kind of a program I have to edit it, and if I do, I have to figure it out first. So, another time.

I walked a few miles along a road that winds along a portion of it with magnificent views of the water and the Catskill Mountains. This public road was closed to motorized vehicles after 9/11 due to the fear that someone would try and dump toxins or some other horrid substance into the source of New York City's drinking water. It is a wonderful walk/jog/bike/Rollerblade path, and as long as NYC exists, this beautiful land is protected. It took 9 years to build in the early 1900's and entire towns and communities were flooded in order to make a body of water large enough to supply NY with all of its water.

Bardet and I have a plan on how to get down to the water, which is FORBIDDEN unless you have a Reservoir fishing permit. She already has one and and I am applying for one too. We will pack a pole and some bait, as well as my sketch pad, camera, and book. (Oh no Mr. DEP officer, that is NOT a bathing suit! That is the gear to wrap the fish in!) Bardet and I will call it going Faux Fishing. Hey, I do fish, and find it very meditational.

I found a place on the road to lay down my towel and sketch for a bit. The heat of the asphalt came through the towel, and I felt like I was sitting on a hot plate, but I ignored it and enjoyed the views and painted and photographed. Another painting spot that is free, splendid, and magical here in the Catskills. Patti

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