Monday, August 13, 2007

Evening at Clermont

As I mentioned in my other blog, I am having periodic problems posting to my blog. I write, I upload, and it does not appear to my chagrin the next morning. So I have to go back and add something and then reload for it to finally work. I don't have time to go figure out the bug right now as I am off to tape and prime my kitchen, but it is frustrating since I write nearly every day and the blogs are not posting!!

I find watercolors one of the more difficult medium to work in, yet it is so easily transported. I work with semi-moist pans, though I am thinking I want to dig out whatever tubes I have and try them. I don't think I am getting the concentrated color that I would like to have in the small pans.

I carry a small bag with a few different size watercolor blocks, paints, brushes, some pencils, a sharpener, a plastic container with a lid. I always have water with me, my digital camera, and a blanket to sit upon.

Acrylics on the other hand are much harder to set up, clean up, keep moist etc. when working plein air, though I love the few I have done in the field.

I have not tried working in oils yet outside, and I suspect that I need to set aside a good chunk of time to work with them, and have a system to transport the wet canvas home.

Tonight we watched the sunset over the Hudson River at the Clermont Estate, the home of the Livingstons. It was lovely. The first painting was made when the sun was starting to set, the second was a very quick sketch as it dropped behind the mountains.

I may take a watercolor lesson from a friend who is a pro at it. I know the techniques, as I have done them and teach it in High School, but I need the inspiration and experience of someone who knows the medium by heart to give me some direction. Till then, practice, practice, practice.


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