Friday, August 3, 2007

Rejection Follow Up

You think I would have learned my lesson by now. Don't jump to conclusions. Don't waste energy on anything till you know the entire story.

I was so crushed about my piece getting rejected and caught up in the WHY? of it. I struggled with wanting to ask the curator "why" she put it aside. Thankfully I did not do it, and I got my answer without having to ask as soon as I walked into the gallery.

Out of 40+ works, only 21 got in, and both Larry AND I had each gotten a piece in. The rest were sent a packing. Instead of being angry, I was honored that one piece did get in...EXCEPT that it was on a low sculpture stand that needed to be painted, and in danger of being damaged by the crowds of people that come through.

In my PMS state I swooped down and told the gallery manager that it was in a horridly dangerous place and I was taking it out of the show. She got really upset and said, "no, you can't" and solved MOST of the problem with some putty to keep it tight on the stand.

I still don't like the location, it is too low and was supposed to hang, and I am not sure how many will even see it in the crowds of people, but perhaps in a more quiet time others will see it. Larry's photo shines on the wall, and perhaps this time it is HIS turn to get seen. He is far more humble and meek than I.

I spent today packing up some antique prints and off season art cards and such to sell at a garage sale tomorrow. The majority of the proceeds go to Megan's wedding fund and some to cover the cost of art materials. We made fun signs and live in a good neighborhood, so I do hope that we get some kind of turn out.

So my lesson is to breathe, and don't get upset until you know the entire story. How many times will I have to get hit on the head with that?


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