Monday, August 6, 2007

A Photo Stint

I really really really wanted to put up some pictures of the young folks I photographed at my niece's 21st birthday party last night. I got some fabulous photos at the party, but out of respect I won't put up any pictures unless I have permission. Well, I think my niece will forgive me for the quick shot I got of her from a strange angle as they sang happy birthday.

I had offered to take photos for the party as Erika's camera was broken, and I wanted to do it for her, plus I also wanted more experience doing this sort of "commerical photography".

Now I am not a photographer. I have a good eye for composition, light, subject, etc. but I am sometimes technically overwhelmed by all the buttons and settings of the digital camera. I sometimes want to grab my Pentax K1000 and shoot away and edit the photos just by throwing the bad ones out. But digital photography is fast, I can edit, crop, adjust, burn to disc and have the photos printed, and I am assured a decent set to give the "client".

This is the second party I have photographed. They are not studio shots, but my yearbook experience has taught me how to make one comfortable with the camera...and when they relax I have been able to take some fabulous shots, capturing their essence, the spirit of the moment.

I will bring the 50 shots I took to the printer tomorrow and hope to have them for Erika by tomorrow noon. Pretty damn nifty if you ask me.

I am curious what they will think of them. I wonder if I could get a side line job doing this. Kid parties. Teen parties. Adult parties.

Oh, and the girl whose party I photographed last month came over today to show me which pictures she wanted enlargements of for her grandmother and some friends. Sometimes I find their joy and pleasure enough payment....


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