Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Small Check Blues

I have not been creating much these days. The most I have done business wise is listing ephemera on Ebay and Etsy which at least pays the business bills.

I got a commission check today from one of the stores I work on consignment with. WOW in one month I sold an 8.00 card, which nets me 5.60. Sometimes it is hard not to get depressed about my cards. I have to realize that they are NOT mainstream and that they only call to a few, but those few do so love them and are my biggest supporters. I love the store, I love the owner, so I will leave my cards there. She did ask if I could come in and switch some out, which I have no problem doing. But GEEZ, it is hard to keep one's head up high when it rains all day and you wait for the postman to bring some money, and it is not enough to buy lunch.

I hope that I am not like Van Gogh and others, who left behind huge bodies of work, but died penniless. I had better start a will now so that I will leave my work to those who appreciate it, and I do have some fans. Don't know how many, but there are a handful...... (Kincaid, can't you share the fame?) Anyone want to be in on the will? (I know you all only want me for my paper-I wonder who will get that?)

Today's collage is one I did several years ago. It is on loan to one of my friends for now. She floats around.


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