Sunday, August 19, 2007

House as a Work of Art

The walls have been my canvas this past week. Not my favorite painting surface, but I have been getting into the rhythm of it. The ceiling and three out of four coats of paint are done. I plan on painting the trim a rich color called red oxide......but the question is, what color appliances? My husband and daughter say black. Of course Larry yellow/orange and black are Halloween colors and he LOVES Halloween. I do too, but not 24/7. I am thinking work with the ceiling and sink. As it is I will have dark trim and rich glowing walls, so white will counteract it a bit.

SO MY READERS...what do YOU think? You can either respond to my post or email me by going to my profile page and finding the email link there. I won't go off white as if one piece (stove or fridge) has to be replaced, you can't match off white colors. White is standard and does not show fingerprints like black does. I don't want to spend the money on stainless, and besides, it is also a bear to keep clean.

One of the pictures was taken without flash, and one with. This lovely color changes hue with the light, ranging from a slight yellow orange, to a glowing melon color as daylight fades and lamps come on.

I will post more photographs as it comes together. We will paint as much as we can in the house until it is too cold to keep windows opened. Then the winter's projects will be interior design work, like maybe a runner up my stairs held on with brass stair bars (this 1820 house I was in last night had the stairs carpeted this way, and it was fabulous!) or a carpet in the dining room.

I hope to hear from you my readers! Patti

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MB Shaw said...

I would do white. I'm like you, I don't think I would want the black 24/7. Stainless would rock but yeah, the expense sucks. I do think there is some kind of stainless that doesn't allow finger prints? Probably really pricey though too.
Good luck :-)