Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Mission Accomplished

A short blog, no pics. I am fighting a migraine and need a night's sleep.

I did get the nightmare of a collage framed. As you should know if you don't, artwork should NEVER touch the glass in a frame.

I had done my collage on 8 ply mat board, mounted on a large piece of white mat board. I had bought spacers to avoid the art touching the glass, but as it turns out, the spacers were not high enough. I had to go BACK to get higher spaces (frame: 35.00, spacers: 8.00, time: it would have been cheaper to have paid to gotten it framed)but not before the artwork had a chance to touch the glass, cause some problems, and make a mess. I got marks on my white mat board in the corners, had to sand it out.

In the end I did an OK job, but NOT before I learned that I should have put another board behind the board I had mounted it on as the brads left some slight indentations from the back of the board. I pulled them out, but it got to the point where I had to be satisfied, it did look good, and besides, who the heck is going to buy it anyway? It is so bizarre and disturbing, both pieces are actually. I wonder if they will be curated in-I paid for the hanging fee, so they had better put them somewhere. The question is....where?

Off to bed...before I hit my head on the keyboard.


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