Thursday, August 2, 2007

Rejection and the Artist

I have to write this blog before I descend upon the gallery to type up the labels for the next show and pick up my rejected piece of art.

Even though I never take it personally, and I do believe that this piece is too intense perhaps for some, or uncomfortable, it always feels like a let down when your work is not accepted.

There were many levels of art that were submitted for this show. Some were looked like they came right out of a 9th grade drawing and composition class. It will be interesting if those were accepted. I want to ask the curator what it was that made her take the piece out...I know it wasn't the million dollar frame job, or the technique, composition etc. I think it was the subject matter that was just too touchy for the general public. Religion - interpreted in a scary way.

I know deep in my heart that this is not the right venue for it. I know that many artists who are now revered were also rejected - many times. I know deep in my heart that art is subjective as is the method for curating a show.

Next month is "Full Bloom". I wrote the curator to ask if it was a floral show, or more esoteric and open to interpretation.

She sternly wrote back NOT open to interpretation, floral show. I chuckled to myself. Now..hmmm...what can I do with that? The month's challenge. You know I will push the limits.

Oh, one of my pieces DID get accepted, the first one titled OBELISK IV. That is still scarey, though because I don't use religion reference, perhaps it makes it safer.

I don't know, any comments out there?

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MB Shaw said...

Excellent commentary on the rejection issue. I always think it's going to get easier (to accept rejection) but it doesn't. That must mean we are creating from our heart.