Thursday, August 16, 2007

Catskill Mountain House

After another long day of painting, we headed to get my lost cell phone at Clermont. I managed to have enough time to do one sketch of some trees (you can see it in the photo). I loved the trees in the graceful way they grew on the hill; they looked like dancers.

Afterward we headed up to the mountains into the heart of the Catskills. At North Lake we found the trail to the site of the Catskill Mountain House. Storms were rolling in from the west, so we had limited time to work. I did a sketch which I will post another time, and took many photos. Larry worked with his 8 x 10" and I can't wait to see the photographs.

The first picture is a photo which was a mistake, but which is so cool. I was walking in front of Larry and took his picture. He looks like a specter. I am going to print this odd photograph! It doesn't look like much when it is condensed on the blog, but on the screen it rocks.... I photographed my set up on Artist's Rock, upon which many names are carved, some 150 years old.

I felt honored to work in such a beautiful and historic place whih has been graced by fellow artists over the centuries.

And it is all good. Patti

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